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  • Very affordable at $39.95 per year or $6.99/mo
  • Located in Seychelles, outside of US and Europe jurisdictions
  • Includes kill switch and auto start up functionality
  • Very intuitive easy to install for Windows users
  • Top of the line encryption
  • Never records logs of any kind
  • Allows P2P torrenting
  • Fast enough for HD streaming
  • Fast American servers
  • Offers free 3-day test account
  • Optimizes servers for particular types of usage
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer


  • Requires manual configuration for Mac and Linux
  • Uses third party services for Android and iOS
  • Inconsistent speeds outside of North America and UK
  • Mediocre latency
  • Very limited support hours
  • Only 23 countries with servers

As the name implies, Trust.Zone is primarily centered on protecting their users' privacy. And that's something they're very good at doing. They're located out of the jurisdiction of both North America and Europe and have implemented strong zero logs policy. Users should feel very good about using this product to protect their identity online.

There are some downsides though. Setting up the software on anything other than a Windows device involves a lot more than double clicking an installer. The speed performs generally well for HD streaming but isn't always consistent. There aren't a great variety of connection options outside of primarily English speaking countries.

Trust.Zone knows their strengths and weaknesses well though and prices their product at a very competitive rate. Subscribing to the service for a year will cost less than $40. That's absolutely one of the cheapest in the industry that regularly charges double that rate. The bottom line is that if you only need privacy, torrenting, and HD streaming at a good price then this is the product for you.

Privacy and Security

There probably aren't a lot of people that have heard of Seychelles, but this is East African country houses one of the more trustworthy VPNs on the market in Trust.Zone. There are no mandated data retention laws here, and it's certainly outside of the jurisdiction of the US/European governments. Thanks to these factors, the company is able to offer a no logs of any kind policy. Whereas a lot of VPN services promise no logs, they often do record connection data such as connection time stamps or bandwidth used. That's not the case here.

As far as features, they offer a wide array of payment types that include Bitcoin. A kill switch protects users from disconnections leaking their IP address, which is important given that the service allows P2P torrenting. To ensure safety, customers should also select the DNS leak protection option to maintain privacy. There aren't a lot of protocol options with only L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. In our opinion the speed differences rarely warrant switching off of the more secure OpenVPN so this isn't much of a issue. The RSA-2048 handshake with AES-256 bit cipher is also top of the line.

All in all, Trust.Zone will protect your privacy as well as anyone else in the industry.


The speeds for this VPN service largely depend on which country you choose to connect to. I'd say expect over 30Mbps downloads in places like the US, Canada, UK, and Oceania and somewhere between 5-20Mbps in most other places. Upload speeds are fairly similar. We expect a large base of Trust.Zone's customers use the VPN service for HD streaming in North America or Europe, and the speeds are plenty fast for that.

Other connection numbers are less impressive. Latency can creep into double digits millisecond speeds, and often we waited over 10 seconds to connect to a server. It's not an ideal service for gamers at all. It may also take a couple of tries to connect to a fast enough server. At it's best Trust.Zone offers strong speeds. At it's worst it's serviceable.


Trust.Zone has servers in only 23 countries so this is not a great service for worldwide travelers. There are a good number of options available in the United States, Western Europe, and Oceania which allows for their consistent speeds. Those looking to connect to specific countries to maximize speeds in Asia, South America, or Africa will find the service underwhelming. Ultimately, you will need judge whether the lack of countries is sufficiently offset by the strong options within their well-supported regions.

Ease and Usability

The software packs a lot of information and options cleanly into a simple interface. App responsiveness is very strong. It's easy to install on Windows machines and will be up and running for users of all tech levels within minutes. There are also connection options by usage type such as Netflix optimized servers. All in all, it's very user long as you use Windows.

The problems creep in for Trust.Zone when you want to use the product on another platform. Mac and Linux users will need to manually configure the software to get it to work on their platform. Android and iOS users will need to download third party software. It's disappointing to say the least, and there are simply better options for non-Windows users.


Trust.Zone's support options are disappointing to say the least. Email is the only way to get in touch, and the service's hours only run from Monday to Friday from 6am to 4pm GMT. So if something crops up on the weekend, you are basically out of luck. When contacted during support hours, their staff was helpful and prompt. It's just that the lack of anywhere near 24/7 support is well below the industry standard.


With a base price of $6.99/month and a 1-year prepaid coming out to $3.33 per month, Trust.Zone is definitely in the bargain value department. There's even a free 3-day test to try out the service. For customers seeking a VPN service that can do it all without sacrificing too much performance, this is quite simply a great option. The low price might not offset the frustration for non-Windows users, but otherwise there's a value to be had with this VPN.

Bottom Line

I'll close out by saying you get what you pay for. Sometimes that means everything is mediocre and sometimes that means there are strengths that offset weaknesses. I think the former is pretty useless, but thankfully Trust.Zone is more of the latter. They aren't great when it comes to non-Windows products or consistent worldwide connections. While they lack in those departments, they are among the best for ensuring their users privacy and security online. This makes the service great for simple uses like checking email to more advanced ones like P2P torrenting and unblocking streaming content. It's not for everyone, but we definitely recommend it for those specific needs.




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