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  • Allows 6 simultaneous devices and account sharing
  • Servers in 68 countries, including China
  • Customer to server ratio of about 20 ensures consistently fast speeds
  • All major leak protections including DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC
  • Never records logs of any kind
  • No mandatory data retention laws in Bulgaria
  • User friendly software and app interfaces
  • One of the cheapest annual plans among high quality VPN services
  • Tons of configurable options to keep power users happy without sacrificing simplicity
  • Cheap dedicated IP
  • Able to see number of users connected to each server
  • Free Viscosity license for Mac users


  • Newer VPN provider so may drop in quality if they grow too fast
  • Limited protocol options
  • Live chat is not 24/7

Operating for 4 years now, VPNArea is a relatively new company in the VPN space. That means in order to reach and maintain new customers, they need to (and do) show up the competition. Their privacy and security features are top of the line. Their breadth of country options are well above average. Server speeds maintain consistently high connection speeds due to the company's lower customer to server ratio.

VPNArea can be used for torrenting, streaming, secure internet browsing, and traveling. Basically, it's a full featured VPN provider at a discount price.

Privacy and Security

VPNArea's presence in Bulgaria provides the opportunity to deliver a "no logging" policy, and they take advantage of it. They don't record logs of any kind. To shore up security, their service also includes a breadth of security features. DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection hides internet activity from your ISP. Their killswitch system adds further protection in case the VPN gets disconnected.

OpenVPN and PPTP are the only options when it comes to VPN protocols. Most servers default to OpenVPN, which is very secure with their AES-256 bit cipher. It's the type of encryption used for governments and financial services. While connected to VPNArea, their Auto IP changer makes it even harder for outside forces to track internet usage. The company has only been in business for four years, but they clearly understand the importance of user privacy.

We have only one concern when it comes to VPNArea's privacy. Although VPNArea is based out of Bulgaria, their primary servers are located in Swizterland. One would think this is good for privacy protection given Switzerland's reputation. However, that's not really the case. The country recently passed laws to require ISPs and telecom company to retain user data. This currently does not apply to VPNs but that may change eventually. This isn't an issue for VPNArea, but it's something for subscribers to keep an eye on.


Download tests in Europe ranged from 20-50Mbps while those same tests in the US were about 20% slower. Globally, all servers performed well enough not to see any major slowdowns. Both the speed ceilings and speed floors of VPNArea were fast enough for all major VPN uses. Even streaming content from the other side of the world saw no loss in quality. Uploads were slower as expected but even these speeds were above average. The 6ms ping times are about average.


At first glance, VPNArea's 200 servers might seem underwhelming. That number doesn't tell the whole story though. VPNArea boasts a ratio of 20 customers to each server. That significantly beats out competitors who oversell to the tune of 100 - 250 customers per server. What's more is that almost all of these servers use the OpenVPN protocol to maximize security. VPNArea goes to great lengths to ensure their users stay happy. The number of servers have grown in lockstep with the company's subscriber counts.

The servers are spread out over 68 countries so there are a lot of choices in where to connect. VPNArea even offers two servers in China with OpenVPN encryption. They also sell a dedicated IP for as little as $15/year.

Ease and Usability

VPNArea again scores high marks in usability. As a relatively new company, their software feels more modern than the competition. The product looks modern and is very easy to navigate. Users can run speed tests, see online users, and access all advanced options with just a few clicks. Settings can be remembered to ensure the VPN is always on and working when needed. The Android and iOS apps are also top notch. VPNArea offers some pretty unique features and unlike other VPN services, activating them is a breeze.


Live chat, email, and Skype offer several avenues to contact support. The live browser chat and Skype account is not always staffed so don't always expect an instant answer. Responses never take more than a day though, and the answers feel like they're written by genuine humans.


Subscribing to VPNArea is a very good deal. They own servers all over the world, and their dedicated IP costs less than half of what most other VPN services charge. Speeds aren't the absolute top, but they do consistently beat out VPN averages. Their support is friendly and attentive. Their desktop software and app are not only easy to use but extremely powerful with all of the options enabled. The annual prepay price is less than $5 per month, and VPNArea honors a 7-day money-back guarantee in case things don't work out.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that most people seeking a VPN provider will be happy subscribing to VPNArea. There's no flaws to speak of when viewing their service as a complete package. All of our favorite leak protections are included (and work), and unique features like the Auto IP Changer show they're willing to go the extra mile. The server options are truly fantastic and getting connected to a good server is just so simple. VPNArea really seems to realize that it's not just about keeping up with the competition but also staying ahead.




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