Best VPN Now is operated by three individuals (Chris, Grant, and Sarah) with a passion for a technology. As the world seemingly moves into a state where privacy is continually devalued by those in positions of power, it turns to the general populace to protect those rights. Best VPN Now is our simple contribution to the cause of finding the right VPN for you. We update our reviews monthly with any major changes worth noting. Information is only as valuable as it is current.

Best VPN Now Scoring

Every VPN is rated on 10-point scale on 6 primary factors: privacy, speed, countries, usability, support, and value. Privacy measures the VPN’s dedication to keep subscribers usage confidential. Speed is relative to the speed of other VPN providers and is based on ping, max download speed, and connection consistency. Countries takes into account the breadth of cities and countries which can be connected to, along with number of servers and IPs. Usability measures the ease of getting configured and started as well as any advanced options. Support is measured by taking a poll of the masses and compiling user reviews into a succinct summary. Value simply looks at how expensive the VPN service is compared to all of the features that it offers. An expensive VPN might offer good value and a cheap VPN might offer poor value depending on the feature set.

Finally, a total score is assessed based on all of the above factors. As with many final review scores, this is hard not to be somewhat subjective. While we think the scores serve as a good guideline for choosing a VPN provider, we realize it’s not enough information in order to make a decision. That’s why we go to great lengths to detail the major pros and cons of each service.

Best VPN Pages

Additionally, our Best VPNs comparison page highlights the best features of every VPN service. This is important because while we may rate a particular provider higher, it doesn’t mean that a lower scored one isn’t better for you. For instance, we may dock a service for low speeds, but if your primary usage of a VPN is secure web browsing then that’s not going to matter much. All pages can be further filtered by protocols, best uses, allowed devices, customer service options, and countries served. This lets all of our visitors customize the VPN that they desire to the fullest extent.

Finally, if you have any other suggestions for us to improve the site, please use the contact form below. We don’t always respond to every comment, but one of us will always read them!